Our Vision

Empowering people to get outside and nurture their inner adventurer. 

Whether among the rivers, the waves, the lakes, or the trails, you’ll have confidence, comfort and the warm embrace of a poncho. Keeping the adventurous spirit flowing…

No matter where you wander.

OUR Story

We are Benya and Eileen, two people who love spending time in Nature. We have always found water to be a source of beauty, intrigue, and play.

In 2020 (i.e. the pandemic era) we found ourselves spending a lot of time by the water – paddle boarding and swimming, and then relaxing waterside in a hammock. Having an adventure poncho was a total game changer. It meant being able to change easily, dry off quickly, and mostly importantly – being instantly cozy and warm after playing in the chilly Colorado waters. Having a poncho to throw on after water activities became essential.

On our adventures we kept encountering people asking – “What are you wearing?” And –“Where can I get one?” Given how much the ponchos were enhancing our experiences in Nature, we decided to start FreeFlow to share the joy of adventure ponchos with the world.

As adventurers we care a lot about protecting the environment we play in. That’s why we are are donating 5% of all sales to the River Network, an organization keeping the bodies of water we love clean and healthy. We are also committed to reducing plastic waste by using 100% recycled mailers, and minimal packaging.